Many overseas and interstate visitors choose to stay in Noosa without a car. Apart from saving money, living without a car also encourages people to relax and slow down. After all, once you’re here in Noosa, the journey is over, and you can take time to appreciate the scenery and atmosphere.

Our self-contained resort accommodation in Sunrise Beach is the ideal setting for car-free visitors because the beach is right across the road and there’s a bus stop literally on our doorstep.

If you’re planning to visit Noosa without a car, here are our tips for choosing your accommodation and making the most of your time here.

Choose accommodation within walking distance of key amenities

Most people visit Noosa for the beaches and if you’re dreaming of long beach walks or watching the sunrise over the sea, it makes sense to be close to the beach.

It might be handy to have shops nearby but hopefully, you won’t have to go grocery shopping every day whereas you will be able to visit the beach daily.

If you’re interested in specific sporting activities then you might want to be close to places where you can practice them.

Public transport nearby

The bus system is good in Noosa although most buses stop early at around 7 pm. After 7 pm, taxis and Ubers can be hard to find or expensive.

We’re fortunate that the bus which runs past our resort from Maroochydore to Noosa Heads and Hastings Street goes hourly until midnight. There’s even one bus at 2 am if you’re planning a really late night!

The buses on this route also stop in Noosa Junction very close to the Coles supermarket so it’s easy to get your shopping home with you.

Order groceries online

If you’re organised and plan ahead, both Woolworths and Coles supermarkets will deliver groceries right to your doorstep for a small fee.

Some of our guests organise for their groceries to be delivered soon after their arrival at the resort.

Hire bikes

Noosa is fantastic for cycling, with plenty of bike lanes and not too many hills. It’s easy to hire a bike and explore the local area that way.

Plus, when you bike everywhere you’ll go home fitter than when you arrived.

We’ll be happy to help you organise bike (or car hire) if you need advice on the best places to go to.

Hire a car or take a tour

If you want to go explore afield we recommend either hiring a car for a day or two or joining a tour. There’s a lot to explore in the hinterland, on Noosa North Shore or on Fraser Island but you really don’t need your own car to get there.

If you’d prefer to explore alone and set your own agenda, then hiring a car is easy. You can even rent an open-air beach buggy if you want to spread the holiday vibe.

Alternatively, joining a tour will allow you to relax completely while a local guide shows you around some of our main tourist attractions.

Are you looking for accommodation in Noosa?

Located on the beach at Sunrise Beach, Beach Breakers Resort is ideally situated for people visiting Noosa without a car.

Book your accommodation online now for an instant guaranteed booking. That’s how you’ll be able to access the best accommodation deals in Noosa.

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