Would you prefer to stay in self-contained accommodation in Noosa? Self-contained accommodation is a smart choice because it’s:

  • Convenient – You can cook your own meals or make a hot drink whenever you wish.
  • Economical – You can easily save hundreds of dollars just by making your own coffee and breakfasts, even if you’re only staying for a week or less.
  • Sociable – Being able to prepare meals as a family, and relax around the barbecue or at the table for as long as you please, is something many of us only have time for on holiday.

Spacious Kitchen

The main thing to look for is a spacious kitchen. Otherwise, if the kitchen is cramped and doesn’t have enough counter space for you to prepare and serve meals easily, cooking will become a major chore.

If there’s room in the kitchen for two people to help with food preparation and serving then cooking is more likely to be fun.

If there’s space to set everything up how you’d like it to be then you’ll be able to get meals and snacks made and cleared away fast.

There’s nothing worse than trying to cook a meal for a family of four with limited counter space and just an electric frying pan to cook on.

Most family cooks also like to have an open plan kitchen so, even if they’re cooking alone, they’re still with the family.

Large Fridge

Having a big fridge means you need to go shopping less and have plenty of room to store fresh food, leftovers, and cold drinks.

If the fridge is small then you may have to go shopping every day, your fresh food will get squashed and bruised and it’ll be hard to store enough cold drinks.

Well-Equipped Kitchen

Even simple meals can be hard to prepare if key items like a potato peeler, large serving spoon or salad bowl are missing.

We’ve stayed at places before where there’s only one plate, bowl, mug and piece of cutlery per person which means you’re constantly running out of things or having to wash up.

Choice of Dining Areas

Ideally, you’ll be able to choose to eat:

Inside – In privacy at your own dining table or on the sofa while you watch TV if you wish. After all, you’re on holiday – we won’t judge!

Outside in a private setting – Each of our holiday rental apartments has a private balcony on the second floor where you can eat, play cards or just relax with a book.

Outside in a shared dining area – It’s fun to eat by the pool while you’re on holiday. You can let the kids swim until late, make new friends or invite other members of your group to join you.

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